Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Prince and the peepshow

We're filing the big splash in The Sun today that "Prince is going to play a surprise gig in the Big Brother house in our big box of "oh, really, and why would he want to do that?

A source said: “Prince is a huge fan of Big Brother. He has tuned in to every series of the show so far and loves the concept.

“His management are in discussions with producers Endemol to arrange a gig.

“Prince is hoping it will be an unforgettable moment that goes down in BB history.”

Oh, really? Prince has "tuned in to every series so far", has he? I know we live in an age of wonders and instant global communications, but who actually believes that Prince has spent the last seven summers trying to get a signal for Channel 4 in Minneapolis, making transatlantic phone calls to Get Grace Out?

If these negotiations are even happening, it's probably got less to do with Prince "loving the concept" of Big Brother and more to do with there not being a Top of the Pops or Wogan to promote new albums on to a mainstream audience any more. And that's a big if in the first place.