Friday, June 22, 2007

Thirteen years of tumbleweed

After Nicky Wire's 1994 fallen-flat call for "someone to build a bypass over this shithole", he's finally trying to mend fences. Or, at least, environmental-aware managed hedgerows.

"It was a joke", he's offered:

"As I was saying it I thought, 'This is going to be really funny'. Then this deathly silence descended on the place."

It's weak when an instant response to, say, being turned down when asking someone out is going "well... I was joking, anyway." To try and explain away a clunker made during the Major government in the same way is like announcing that scientists have discovered a whole new strain of feeble.

Besides, wasn't the whole point of the Manics that they said outrageous things like that? What next: a formal apology to the boards of NatWestMidlandsBarclaysLloyds?


Anonymous said...

Wire shouldn't have apologized and 'they' SHOULD build a motorway over the shit hole!

Anonymous said...

Things I Never Thought I'd Hear, no. 63 in a series: Nicky Wire on the radio yesterday, politely discussing the relative merits of the Smiths and the Boo Radleys with Ken Bruce on Radio 2.

Chris Brown said...

You should have heard him the day before talking about Carole King and Kenny Rogers!

Anonymous said...

What Nicky needs to realise is that we know it was a pointlessly provocative thing to say, but that that was what they were there for, so we don't really mind.

The Manics were supposed to run around in tight trousers and eyeliner saying things like 'let's hope michael stipe goes the same way as freddy mercury'. They weren't supposed to write 'you stole the sun from my heart'. Unless that was a joke too?

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