Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Too grand for bandstand: The Wurzels walk

The Wurzels have taken the hump and pulled out of Glastonbury. They were unhappy at being shoved on the bandstand stage.

But it's not just they feel their dignity has been impugned; they're more upset they can't use their own sound engineers.

That, and that their dignity has been impugned:

"We would have loved to play but we don't feel it's right," said Tommy Banner from the band.

"Other novelty acts like Rolf Harris have been on better stages and we think we deserve it," added Pete Budd.

Although, to be fair, Rolf Harris is regularly on TV and - when he played - hadn't long since had a big hit with his cover of Stairway to Heaven whereas for all the goodwill towards the Wurzels, it is a while since they were at their peak.

Mind you, they're going to be fuming when they discover the Black Abbots are headlining the Pyramid Stage on the Sunday.


Tim Footman said...

Oh come one, how many of your readers remember the Black Abbots? What next, where-are-they-now features about the Grumbleweeds, Barron Knights and Max Boyce?

Anonymous said...

I do! I'd already loaded up eBay in search of tickets before I realised it was a cruel joke.

Cobardon said...

I see their point: Oasis have headlined in the past, after all, haven't they?

I've seen the Black Abbots live, me. Wasn't recent, like. Russ Abbot was still with them.

Anonymous said...

The Wurzels are LEGENDS, respect is due! If you don't know them then check out some of their amazing videos on www.thewurzels.com

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