Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Allofmp3 closure - sorry, should we be cheering?

Despite there not having been any legal process, Allofmp3.com has been closed down, apparently as a gesture of goodwill from Vladimir Putin as he met George Bush to discuss the growing number of beefs between the two presidents.

Obviously, the music industry are delighted at the move, but isn't it somewhat disturbing? Is there really any difference between Allofmp3 being summarily closed and the seizure of Shell's assets in Siberia? In both cases, there may well have been legitimate grounds for the actions taken, but without a full hearing in open court, how will we ever know?


Anonymous said...

Bush is having quite a good week, isn't he? Yesterday he was extending a finger to the entire judicial system to get his friend off a prison sentence, now he gets to see a company he doesn't like packed off to internet Guantanamo.

Glad I'm not a scientist. At this rate, by Friday we'll see Intelligent Design made compulsory and public stoning of non-believers. Or at least all music banned unless it involves the singer losing his wife/dog/pickup.

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