Thursday, July 26, 2007

Amy Winehouse turns up for a gig

We're a little surprised at the tone of the report on the (admittedly surprising) completion of a gig by Amy Winehouse last night. It reads more like a tabloid report written while Winehouse's management dangles exclusive access rights, from the headline down:

Amy Winehouse silences critics with London gig
Diva shines at iTunes festival show

Playing one gig is hardly going to "silence the critics", is it? "Oh, I thought her repeatedly cancelling shows pledging ill-health only to be photographed propping up the bar on the other side of the country was a sign of someone with some sort of problem, but now she's actually turned up and done the job she's paid for once, I've completely changed my mind."

What's odder, though, is that the report doesn't even seem to notice that, in a lot of ways, she was proving the critics right:
Playing as part of the iTunes Festival at the ICA, Winehouse left the crowd waiting for over an hour after the allotted start time, but few were disappointed once she appeared.

So, she wound up turning up an hour late - which would seem to be the sort of unreliability that she's getting a name for - but, hey, who cares?