Monday, July 02, 2007

"And I said 'what, be a mother and do a job? How would you even do that?'"

We'd thought that Doctor Who was all made up, but apparently someone had noticed there was a Paradox engine working that allowed women to be both mothers and have a life beyond the nappy mangle. Still, to judge by Liberty X that engine has been taken out of engine and feminism reversed some forty years:

Liberty X star Kelli Young has revealed that the group decided to split because the girls wanted to settle down.

The singer explained that Michelle Heaton is hoping to have children in the near future with boyfriend Andy Scott-Lee, while Jessica Taylor is also planning to start a family with England cricketer Kevin Pietersen.

"Michelle and Andy are wanting to have kids and Jessica is also at the point where she wants children," Young told the Daily Star Sunday. "I'd expect both girls to be pregnant very, very soon."

Kelli, meanwhile, will be having to get herself a small part-time job as a governess or housekeeper until she can have babies, too.


Anonymous said...

"Michelle Heaton is hoping to have children in the near future with boyfriend Andy Scott-Lee"

Boyfriend? I thought they were married? As in 'Michelle and Andy's Big Day', the interminable ITV2 fly-on-the-DFS-Sofa sodumentary? Please don't tell me I sat through several episodes of that horseshit, only for them to not even be married at the end of it. They must be - I even sat through the ball-achingly bad Best Man's speech, a sort-of Channel 4 clip-speech of all the most overused Best Man jokes they'd ever heard "They say being a Best Man is like making love to the Queen!" etc

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