Thursday, July 05, 2007

Avril drags Apple into lawsuit

Avril Lavigne is being sued by Tommy Dunbar and James Gangwer, who reckon that her single Girlfriend seemed ookily like their 1979 single I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend. Avril's people are denying it, with the sheen of science:

The pop star's manager Terry McBride has had musicologists study the two singles and denies any wrong doing by the Canadian singer, commenting: "Avril's a great song writer and she's proving it over and over and over again."

He added: "Avril's very, very sensible. She knows music well. If the chords had been similar, the melodies had been similar, lyrics had been similar, the meter, she would have gone, 'Okay, I can see their point.' But nothing's similar."

Really? Avril would have responded to a lawsuit by conceding its central claim, would she?

Apple will be hoping that Avril is sensible - they've been dragged into the lawsuit on the basis that they sold the track and, uh, something. Which seems weak to us - are record shops supposed to compare every track they sell with every other track that's ever been made?


Anonymous said...

gawd, they're nearly identical. check them out side by side at

M.C. Glammer said...

I dunno. When that clip first started I was reminded of the Stones' "Get off of My Cloud" by the "Hey {hey} you (you)" bit, which also shares the same chord sequence as the Rubinoos' song (one that's been used by every power pop band that ever existed), so maybe they're the ones not being entirely original.

Anonymous said...

Her controversy, my parody:

I Wanna Rip Your Song Off
Avryl Latrene and the Extremes
(new lyrics and new musical arrangement by Dr BLT (adapted from Avril Lavine's Girlfriend)
hear the song at this link:

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