Thursday, July 26, 2007

Bookmarks: Some stuff to read on the internet

Whatever happened to Rosie Ribbons? PopUnlimited tells the sorry tale:

The follow-up "A Little Bit", a Jessica Simpson cover, wasn't going to be playlisted by The Box at all as they thought it was a bit cheap of them to film it in the exact same studio as the previous one "she's sitting in the same bloody corner!" they said... and she did look like she'd been having a fight with a make-up artist... but with a bit of nagging it eventually got on, though they probably shouldn't have bothered as it only made it to #19.

Emily Haines recalls her father Paul's work and influence for the Toronto Star:
Even now, many years later, no matter where I am when I put on one of his tapes, I am transported back to being very young, crouched beside the stereo speakers constructing fantastic houses out of clear plastic cassette cases, quivering towers of windows overlooking the floor below. Maybe under different circumstances I could have become an architect, but something I heard in those early days got me started as a musician and I haven't been able to stop.

Troubled Diva meets Hannah and Brace from The Gossip:
Mike: And then you have that whole thing where Beth is developing almost as a parallel media figure in her own right; she's even an agony aunt now. Does that co-exist quite happily with everything else that you do?

Hannah: Yes, I think so. My main concern is just that people just see us as a group.

Mike: Rather than 'The Beth Show'�

Hannah: Yeah, totally. Because it just has been that, for so long.

Brace: As long as they're still good records and good music, that's the most important thing. Interest in media figures fade quickly; they can go 'in' and 'out' so fast.

Anthony Thornton posts what could have been an NME Classic Albums piece (if the feature was in the new look magazine) on Dog Man Star:
The whole thing felt like a revolutionary act: Brett said he wanted it to be a rallying cry for the outsiders and the dispossessed. And it was. However that group, though vocal, was tiny.