Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Cribs decry lack of 'ethics'

The Cribs are worried that the UK music scene is about to go the way of Britpop - although without the huge-selling acts and Louise Wener, obviously. It's all gone to pot, they wail:

"I think there's a couple of good bands. But I mean just that; a couple of good bands. I'm not gonna mention any names - in a good or bad way - and I'm not going to call anyone out by name. But music is rubbish right now.”

"There aren't any bands with ethics. Things have got how Britpop was a few years ago, with people identifying something that is popular, and just doing the same and jumping on the bandwagon."

We're not sure it's entirely unethical to play music that sound slike other people's music - after all, The Cribs wouldn't last long in a moot court if that was the charge against them - but we know what he means.


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