Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Deryck Whibley defends the missus

How sweet and chivalrous of Deryck Whibley, who used to be a pop star himself, to defend his wife from her many detractors:

"It's a funny misconception with her.

"People always think she's really angry and she's really mad and she really hates everyone, and doesn't care about anything, when the thing she cares about most is her fans and her music."

Of course. When she almost wears a Hooters t-shirt, that's just for the fans, that is; and naked photo shoots for Blender? How could she be thinking any more about her music than posing for those?

The funny thing is, of course, people tend not to think of Avril Lavigne as angry. More sort of whiney, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

No matter how you spell it, 'Deryck Whibley' is a pissing awful name for anyone in a band (with the possible exception of the Grumbleweeds).

Anonymous said...

I read "Deryck Whibley", I see "Dwayne Dibley"

Anonymous said...

On behalf of Canadians across the the country,I would like to apologize for your having to listen to Avril Lavigne.We are waiting patiently until she returns to her much-deserved place in obscurity(or Edmonton,as the case may be),and we'll try not to disparage your ears further.BTW,think you can do something about James Blunt?

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Anonymous, we're doing all we can to control James Blunt. It's probably going to take some sort of a net.

Anonymous said...

A giant butterfly net (with camouflage bits on, natch) and a team of snipers armed with tranquiliser darts.

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