Monday, July 02, 2007

Don't call me a madam - J Lo

Much as the Conservatives desperately tried to persuade people not to call them Tories, a name they felt linked them to swivel-eyed mine-closing coldhearts, we suspect that while Jennifer Lopez migh ask to not be called J-Lo any more, she'll find it difficult to shake off:

“That’s all gone with the ridiculous stories about me throwing tantrums and insisting on Egyptian sheets. That’s all firmly in my past.”

We think this means she's happy she's finally got the "egyptian sheet" message through without having to throw tantrums every time she turns up at a hotel.

Of course, turning up and demanding that people call you by a certain name, to avoid accusations of being a controlling, self-obsessed, shallow diva might, just, be a little self-defeating.


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