Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Gibson says 'vote for climate change'

John Gibson - who plays a newsreader in Fox's long-running drama set in a repressive right-wing future, Fox News Channel - is fuming that NBC is broadcasting Live Earth. Not because he hates Genesis - actually, we rather imagine that Gibson believes in the literal truth of Genesis - but because he believes it's political bias in an election year. Even although it's not an election year, and Al Gore isn't running for office:

In a commentary Gibson asks whether NBC's telecast doesn't "constitute a political contribution of free airtime? Do the people who want the return of the Fairness Doctrine think NBC should be forced to give equal time to me and let me argue against Al Gore? I don't think so."

Well, to be honest, John, if you think you should be given eight hours of airtime to argue that the climate isn't changing and that we need to burn more resources, perhaps you should go ahead and organise a concert.

Still, its good news for Al Gore - most of the criticism of the event so far has been coming from the left; people who know the world is changing but think this isn't the answer. It's nice that at last there's someone who it is easier to argue against.


Anonymous said...

I don't think I'll ever understand the anti-energy-conservation arguement. What's to oppose? I can see why people would take sides on Iraq, politics or most other things. But arguing against "Try using less energy and polluting the planet"? It's as if these people *have* to oppose it because it seems vaguely against what their team stands for. Even if they don't buy the suggestion that the climate is changing for the worse, there's still "We're running out of fossil fuels so, y'know, maybe drive something other than a 4x4 tank to take the kids 500 yards to school?" and "If you use these efficient lightbulbs, you will save money on your bills".

It's like a whole group of Charley-from-Big-Brothers, hell-bent on opposing whatever everyone else says.

Anonymous said...

I think it has more to do with big companies having to spend money (money!) on cleaning up after themselves.

Cobardon said...

I love the idea that Fox news is a post-modern deep cover spoof show.


That would explain a lot, acutally.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen Fox's 'Half-Hour News Hour'? It's their attempt at a right-leaning satire, to go up against the likes of the Daily Show. And by all accounts it's dreadful.

Still, there was a great moment on the Daily Show last week when Lewis Black mentioned Fox's programme and bellowed "CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! THEY STOLE THE IDEA FROM THE SAME PLACE WE STOLE IT!!"

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Cobardon - it's the only explanation. Otherwise Bill O'Reilly would be a real person, and that's plainly ridiculous.

James: The Fox News programme is, genuinely, ripped off from Russell Brand era Big Brother's Big Mouth:

Guardian Guide:
It doesn't attempt satire. It barely attempts to even be a TV show. And that is its charm. Gutfeld is quick to cite influences discovered during his two years living in Britain for this:

"My real favourite show is Big Brother's Big Mouth, and I think that doing a news show that treats the news the way Russell Brand treated Big Brother would work very well. He keeps chaos moving fast - which is what I try to do. The only difference is that he's taller and better looking than I am. But I can draw, and he can't."

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