Monday, July 09, 2007

Hutz signs on for more work with Madonna

As if blowing out T in the Park in order for three minutes flunkeying to Madonna wasn't enough, Eugene Hutz of Gogol Bordello has picked up a bit more work from Madge: he's got a bit in Filth and Wisdom. Hutz loves working with Madonna:

"I think [Madonna] was fantastic. She's such a dynamic force. You can always measure a director by how specific he is or she is, and she was very specific.

"She had very energetic visions but at the same time there was a lot of room for me to do my own thing," he told Billboard.

"It was super fun and perfectly respectable, and it ended up being quite a collaborative project."

So, simultaneously, she's a collaborative director who has very specific ideas about what she wants. Surprising, but then since she can churn out the same CO2 as 1000 other people and be an eco warrior at the same time, who knows what other paradoxes she can power?