Monday, July 09, 2007

Did Clay run to the FBI because he got shoved?

Somehow, the FBI got themselves involved in a spat between Clay Aiken - that's American for "Gareth Gates" - and a woman during a flight to Oklahoma. It seems Aiken had shoved his feet on a woman's armrest; when she pointed out how boorish that was, a dispute occurred which ended up with Clay getting gently shoved and the FBI called to meet the plane.

It's good to know that the worst security threat you face in American airspace is gameshow losers behaving like they own the joint. This all sounds rather economy class, doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

Well only most of the facts are wrong here.

The woman did not "point out" that his feet were in her way, she shoved at them.

Clay did not ignore her, he was asleep. He only woke up when the woman began hitting him.

Clay did not call the FBI to meet the plane. The FBI is automatically contacted now with any disturbance on an airplane. Flight attendants contacted the FBI as they were required to do and Aiken, the woman who attacked him and several passengers who witnessed the incident had to give statements and were then released.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

So, anonymous, if a lout put his feet up on your armrest and was asleep, how would you point out to him the error of his ways other than by pushing the feet off?

Flight attendants aren't required to call the police automatically; and if Aiken wasn't pushing it, why would anyone have had to give a statement?

Anonymous said...

Gareth's way to well mannered to do that!!!

Jase said...

I would call over a flight attendant. And the woman didn't just push at his feet (which I might do myself if I'd had a crappy enough travel day), according to witnesses, when he didn't wake up she then hit him in the chest.

And THAT (the hitting him in the chest) is why flight attendants were required to notify the FBI. Because one passenger assaulted another by hitting him in the chest.

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