Friday, July 27, 2007

It's like they're in cahoots

Before lunch, it was Babyshambles' second album appearing in the distance; now, it's the Dirty Pretty Things who are readying their second collection:

Anthony Rossomando told Spinner: "Carl and me, we've been to some cemeteries recently to do some writing. We go in the afternoon and hang out, drink a couple cans and wander around and bump back into each other and go 'What have you got? What have you got?' kind of thing."

We're slightly alarmed at the idea of the album being written while drinking cider in a graveyard, which makes us fear the main focuses of the lyrics are going to be how far you can get with an upper sixth girl and how parents, right, just don't get it, but it's surely got to be better than having the album knocked together during the downtim,e between court appearances and digging escape tunnels out of rehab.

Release is expected during a vague "Spring 2008".