Saturday, July 07, 2007

It's the Little & Wise of UK music

Together, in what we have a horrible feeling might be not for the only time, David Gray and Damien Rice.

While Rice was doing Blower's Daughter, the close-up allowed us to read his face:

Bloody hell this is a slight song... I'm in front of an alleged two billion viewers singing a song which consists of me repeating 'I Can't take my eyes off of you' over and over and over, and even that's not an original line... bloody hell, are the cameras showing all those people leaving their seats?... I'm in front of two billion people, and all I'm doing is causing congestion at the toilets...

Then the pair of them did Que Sara Sara - why? What thought process led them to decide that a song which has the message "live for today, we can't even imagine what tomorrow will be like, let alone do anything about it" chimes well with an event that suggests we do the opposite?

Now they're being interviewed by Edith Bowman, although they're being drowned out by what seems to be the famous Willie On The Plonker from Gary Davies' show, in the corner of the backstage area. Willie On The Plonker, apparently, is in a state of mourning.


Anonymous said...

Paolo Nutini's on now.
Why does he sound like he's singing in a Mock-Indian voice?

Anonymous said...

Nutini needs to be pushed off a cliff. What a cunt.

Unknown said...

About the appropriateness of Que sera sera: made me wonder if you even paid attention at all, they changed the lyrics, which makes this duet even more appropriate...

"I asked my father what will we be?
Will we be bitter filled with regret
Will we be choking on our own sh*t…"

Cobardon said...

Perhaps Ranney, but I only saw a ten second clip of the chorus on the news later - probably like many other millions. Changing some words and making it ironic is a very risky thing to do as it gives the impression to those who don't hear the whole thing - or indeed those who don't pay much attention or 'get' irony, that it's a song about not giving a shit. And that makes it a silly choice. Aren't there plenty songs with an environmental message to pick from? This wasn't a concert for smart arsed irony.

Anonymous said...


You are lazy. Must every message be spoon-fed? I am an American and we are known for our laziness, but even I took the time to LISTEN!

Here are some lines suing at Woodstock rallying against American involvement in Vietnam, I wonder if this was 'risky'

well c’mon on Wall Street
don’t be slow
there’s plenty good money to be made
by supplin’ the Army with the tools of the trade
just hope and pray that if we drop the bomb
they drop it on-a Vietnam

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