Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Kasabian position themselves in the pantheon

Serge Pizzorno has been ruminating on where Kasabian sit in the history of music. Oddly, he doesn't see them as being the band who get the call when Oasis won't do it for the money on offer, oh, no:

We’re having a good time and we’re going to continue to make music,” says Serge. “Our place in the history of the music industry is truly wild."

We're not quite sure what a "truly wild" place in history actually is.

Let's not be too harsh on them, though. After all, they've overcome enormous odds of being shunned by the mainstream media - they've done it all underground, man:
“The people who sell records like Snow Patrol or Razorlight are on the radio all the time. But we’re not. We sell albums because the kids get us."

I wish I lived with Serge Pizzorno, because it sounds like he's got the only house in the Kingdom where Kasabian aren't constantly popping up on Channel 4.

It's terrible to hear that Kasabian are shunned by the radio, though. Although, erm, they did headline the Radio One stage at Reading/Leeds in 2005, didn't they? And, erm, weren't they part of last year's Radio One presents? And at Radio One's One Big Weekend this May? And we've got vague memories of Club Foot being used in a Radio One promo. But, you know, apart from that, these guys are outsiders.

And, you know, trendsetters:
“We’re inspiring a new generation in the same way Bowie did thirty years ago.

“In twenty years time people will look back on us and marvel."

Oh, no, we're marveling now. We have no problem with bands trying to suggest they're changing the face of music or creating fires that will burn until morning, but Bowie? Come on, Serge - that would make Hard-Fi the new Marc Bolan, presumably? Let's be realistic: you're more like Spandau Ballet were twenty years ago. Not especially original, not even the leader of your chosen niche, but doing well enough to ensure that your greatest hits will always be on sale for as long as there's CD dump bins in petrol stations.