Sunday, July 22, 2007

The past's future: 1981 - 2. Soft Cell

"Just edged out" from the Top Spot, Soft Cell. It's kind of wonderful that Smash Hits was such a broad church, it's readers in 1981 were excited by the knitwear-clad Haircut 100s and the Fetish-strewn Soft Cell. And now, the kids are given McFly. And it were all fields round here.

To celebrate their victory from 25 years go, here's Soft Cell joined by Jim Foetus on a Suicide cover:

[Buy: The bedsit tapes, a glorious collection of early stuff put together in a studio at Leeds Poly]


M.C. Glammer said...

It was the decade when producers took over music and the discrepancy between live and recorded product was at its height. You knew the sound of the snare drum was going to be the most important and the loudest bit, the hi-hats would be too busy so the drummer sounded like he was rushing just to keep up, the bass would probably be fretless and/or covered in chorus effect, guitars would use every effect available from the local hire shop and singers would all mistakenly believe they were Scott Walker.

Sorry, the 80s largely passed me by so any chance to rant helps me claim the time back.

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