Monday, July 09, 2007

Pleas to cool global warming fail to set world alight

The audience figures for Live Earth in the UK suggest the much-touted "two billion viewers" target will need all of China to have been watching: the peak audience for BBC1's coverage was 3.1 million - about a third of the audience the piano-playing Princes managed for their Diana tribute. Or about a half of what Casualty would have got.

Indeed, they might have been better off simply running Casualty with a global warming storyline:

- "this is just the start of what rising sealevels will do to Holby, Charlie"
- "I'll pop the kettle on - but only enough for two cups..."

In other broadcast-related news, roughly six times as many people - over 600, in fact - complained about Metallica's set being cut off to show a recording of Crowded House than complained about the language.