Thursday, July 12, 2007

This band called Steps/ they all look like they're holiday reps

We like to think it's the Verve comeback which has finally placed a full-blown Steps reunion back on the pop agenda, although in our hearts we know the "offer" Lee from Steps (but not H from Steps) have had to get back together is probably down to a magician spraining his wrist and leaving a gap on a Pontins show this summer.

Even Victoria Newton can't work up much interest in the story:

Lee confirmed he keeps in touch with his former bandmates — except IAN ‘H’ WATKINS — and that they’ve been approached with an offer.

To join my campaign to stop this possible atrocity to eardrums, email your thoughts to the following address, with the subject “Stop Steps”.

She couldn't even be arsed to get her "computer boffins" to produce a "how they might look" photoshopage, or even have a special logo put together. Even although it would only have been a picture of H with a line through it. And "email your thoughts"? Not so much as a direction to at least shape those thoughts in any direction. It's like she started writing the article and the paperclip popped up saying "it looks like you're writing a brief piece on the reunion of a pop group..."


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