Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Thom Yorke takes on Brown

Thom Yorke is angry with Gordon Brown:

meanwhile thebigask has set up an online video march
to hastle the government to commit to cutting our CO2.
which is a good idea i think. and you can post your own message.
so i'll have to do that. once i've found me camera.

ever since Gordon Brown became PM they have gone a little quiet on this subject.
i do hope rumours of Mr Brown lack of interest in climate change aren't true.
we have don't have time such crap.

Yes, yes, time's short, but he's only been Prime Minister for a week, and Hilary Benn's not even had that long to get to grips with his environment brief. Added to which, what with the country having been up to its knees in rainwater and sewage, he might have had his hands somewhat full.