Wednesday, July 25, 2007

US government tell universities: Crack down on filesharing, or else

While most of the world is turning its face against the RIAA, at least they can rely on their stooges ("friends") in Congress. Harry Reid has just managed to sneak a new law onto the books which will force the 25 "worst offending" colleges (from a filesharing on campus point of view) to demonstrate their steps taken to crackdown - or lose their funding. How do you determine the worst offenders? By counting RIAA enforcement notices.

That's right - the education of hundreds of people will hang on the whims of the RIAA. Since they can choose to focus their notices where they choose, the RIAA has effectively been given the power to launch attacks on schools they dislike. Suddenly, buying EMI comes with an extra inducement - you'll have a chance to run universities out of business.