Thursday, July 05, 2007

Wedding Present in Doncaster

We once passed a happy night in Doncaster waiting for a coach by climbing to the top of the multistorey car park and looking at the town.

No, the local police didn't believe it, either.

Still, there's more fun to be had there this month with Doncaster Live, an event which the Wedding Present have told us about:

The Wedding Present will be playing on the first night of "Doncaster Live 2007," a free weekend music festival that takes place at various venues around the town centre of Doncaster in Yorkshire, England on Saturday the 21st and Sunday the 22nd of July. The event, which is in its third year, starts at 10AM and will finish around 11.30PM. Together with street performers and DJs, other bands performing are: Ego Parade, Vegas Child, OPM, Tiny Dancer and The Paddingtons. For further information about the event, please contact the Town Centre & Markets Event Team on 01302 862478. The Wedding Present are scheduled to appear in front of the Corn Exchange [in the Market Place] at around 10 pm on the 21st. No tickets are required for admission.

In the same blog post, the band mention they're rubbing shoulders with Courtney Love in Hollywood. At least she seems to have got past the punching David Gedge thing, then.


Anonymous said...

Somehow I missed the story sbout Courtney Love punching David Gedge. What was that all about? I assume it happened round about the time of brassneck when Wedding Present were hanging out with Steve Albini?

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Yep - it happened at the Reading Festival. It got an FAQ on the Wedding Present Usenet group:

Q7.3 Did Courtney Love really slap David backstage at the 1994
Reading Festival?

A7.3 Apparently.

David Gedge: "I was a bit shocked when it happened. But I
think she was a bit inebriated, and it was more playful than
malicious. I was actually quite impressed that she knew my
name. A faint flicker of recognition came across her eyes when
we met, and then I found out that she only knew my name because
she wanted to batter me. She said, 'Steve Albini! Are you a
friend of Steve Albini?' I said, 'Well, he worked for me on
one album.' And then she tried to slap me across the face a
few times. It was quite... surprising. But I imagine she
forgot all about it five seconds, and went on to the next
thing." (Melody Maker, 10Oct94)

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