Monday, August 20, 2007

Amazon, Yahoo set to flog MP3s

Inspired by Universal's attempts to break Apple's online music dominance, Amazon and Yahoo are readying their online music stores. Music Week is reporting Amazon will be flogging MP3s from September; Yahoo from January 2008. Although not actually DRM-free (the tracks will be traceable), the new stores are hoping that the more open format will allow them to chip away at iTunes' market share.


Unknown said...

Traceable watermarks, coupled with automatic prosecution (as practiced by the RIAA in the US) may be more effective than DRM.

If you knew that your music was marked with your identifying information, in a way that was very difficult to remove with any certainty, and that if any copies were found on file-sharing services or websites, you'd hear from the RIAA lawsuit-bot, you'd guard it jealously. No more mix CDs for friends, or leaving your computer unattended with guests around. It's quite clever, really.

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