Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Courtney Love tells Allen to stop

Kurt Cobain's widow has issued a slambook in reaction to Lily Allen's claims that a recent MySpace post from her claiming Courtney killed Kurt was the result of some rather bizarre "hacking", the perp and motivation being clouded in mystery. (We're thinking maybe it's an evil twin, or a mysterious Alan Lilly).

Courtney, we suspect, doesn't believe the hacker story any more than anyone else does:

"Thanks to Lily Allen for her lovely apologising for having had her MySpace broken into.

"I wouldn't pick on me if I was Miss Lily, as it wouldn't take TOO much to swat, but we've known each other far too long, like each other far too much and if she was gonna say something nasty she has the acerbic wit and intelligence to say something cutting, that would actually really hurt, not some cliched hoary old chestnut some obsessed blogger would say.”

She continued: "She tells me her MySpace was broken into - even if I REALLY think she did blog it mindlessly some 8am after being up far too long for a young healthy woman I don't care and I appreciate and accept her thoughtfulness for apologising for what was printed, if she is telling the truth and it really doesn't much matter - everyone slams everyone early in their careers, (Sonic Youth)'s Kim Gordon still slams me, I mean how much more boring can you get? (than Kim Gordon - slam!) Does anyone care?"

Of course, since this post is cogent and written in a language spoken by other people, it's possible that Courtney's own MySpace has been hacked, too. Perhaps there's a hacker who's alternating between the two MySpaces having a slanging match with themselves?


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