Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Jackson in financial difficulties - no, the other one

One of the few people to emerge from Celebrity Big Brother with any of their dignity intact was Jermaine 'you mean I was breathing ass?' Jackson. Naturally, that couldn't last and now his ex-wife is preparing to squeeze that dignity out of him, claiming that he's a bit tight and slightly ooky:

Alejandra alleges Jermaine's claim that he's broke is a "smokescreen." In legal papers, she says sarcastically, "he (claims) he has no income and all of his expenses are paid for by his girlfriend, who coincidentally, suddenly has a Swiss bank account and a Rolls Royce in her name after having worked at Bloomingdales and Macy's."

Alejandra claims Jermaine raked in the dough from the UK version of "Big Brother," as well as from royalties, business deals and what not.

And then there's this -- "I seek full custody of our children, with reasonable visitation to Jermaine because I have concerns regarding Jermaine's sleeping accommodations for our children while they are in his care." She goes on -- "I believe it is unhealthy for our children to sleep in the same bedroom with Jermaine and his girlfriend...."

Presumably, though, having the kids bunk in with their father is more healthy than leaving them down the corridor sharing with Uncle Michael, isn't it?