Wednesday, August 01, 2007

DMX dogged by pants dog pants

What's the cost of dignity? If you're DMX, it's just under a quarter of a million dollars - that's how much court has ordered him to pay Amusing Diversions Inc.. DMX had apparently entered into a contract in order to promote the company's dog wear; he seems to have thought better of it, and instead chose not to try and push canine wellingtons and sou'westers and god alone knows what other stuff.

It might have cost him a fair bit, but better, surely, than trying to push caps for pooches on television.


Anonymous said...

Dignity? Er, not exactly. Take a gander at the 2nd paragraph of the story (emphasis mine):

The company alleged that Simmons failed to promote the products at concerts, on TV and other locations as specified in the contract, and promoted competitors' merchandise.

Anonymous said...

Competitors' merchandise? This is what's wrong with America, you see; While other countries are torn apart by war and ravaged by famine, America sees fierce competition between two companies vying to sell more cowboy costumes for dogs.

eyetie said...

Another sad case which epitomises the downside of American's competitive nature where it seems to be all dog company eat dog company.

Or maybe he was promoting lolcats instead?

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