Monday, August 27, 2007

From Big Brother to popstars?

According to this morning's Sun, Sam and Amanda - the Big Brother twins - are "set to become the next Cheeky Girls".

Really? Or is this just a made-up story based on them having sung for yesterday's task?

The blonde twins, 19, are being lined up for a music deal targeted at the teen market, according to BB insiders.

A source said: “They are cute and fun — and appeal to teens. They could do a lot better than the Cheeky Girls.”

The twins sang dressed as glamour girl Jordan in a BB task at the weekend. Brian wigged up to play Jordan’s hubby Peter Andre.

Ah. So it's just a made-up story, then. The key detail, of course, is that during the singing yesterday, one sang very poorly, and the other was much worse. Even The Cheeky Girls were able to carry the odd note.