Thursday, August 09, 2007

Head on the coffee table

Coming this autumn: Dead Children Playing, a collection of the artwork produced for Radiohead by "Stanley Donwood" and "Doctor Tchock, giving a chance for their work to breathe set free of the limitations of iPod screens and CD booklet inserts. Interesting that the arch-anti-consumerists Radiohead have come up with a way to make you rebuy the art you already have - only in a visible form this time. Neat.


hitchhiker said...

There's more.

1) Thom Yorke has a celebrity playlist on iTunes US I wonder how Thom has justified this to himself. He has criticised iTunes and Apple in the past. iTunes is expensive (per track; 40p Canada, 50p US, 70p Europe, 80p UK) and the user doesn't even own what they pay for; they just buy the right to play it on their iPod. I hope it wasn't any financial incentive that swayed Thom. We know he likes shopping and he has kiddies to feed. Or maybe he likes the celebrity tag. Or maybe he likes to simultaneously criticise big business and massively profit off it.

2) Thom has endorsed the Friends of the Earth Big Ask campaign for everyone to do their bit to reduce carbon emissions and he acts as one of their spokesmen. At the same time his touring with the band has generated a HUGE carbon footprint and vast amounts of waste.

It's all doublespeak/hypocrisy. No better than Madonna who was at Live Earth but who also invests in some fairly dodgy companies with a terrible environmental record.

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