Thursday, August 09, 2007

Jagger's little pill

Up until now, the best you could say about Mick Jagger's somewhat wobbly solo work was that it at least made you grateful for something when the Rolling Stones got back together. Now, he's somehow managed to find a way of determining what was the best of that slew of ill-considered and half-hearted work, as he's sticking out a solo compilation.

How high has the bar been set for this best-of? It's got Dancing In The Streets on it, that's where the standard is.

There's the obligatory two-unreleased tracks, of course, but even Jagger hasn't been able to work up enough enthusiasm for the project to actually haul his tax-shielded arse into a recording studio, instead sticking on a couple of demos he did with Rick Rubin for understandably overlooked Wandering Spirit album. It all neatly sums up the very couldn't-be-bothered-ness of Jagger solo.

There's nothing on it even half as good as Je Suis Un Rock Star.