Sunday, August 05, 2007

It's only Geri Halliwell

The desperate jostling for position by the tabloids, as they try to cosy up to 19 Entertainment prior to the Spice tour continues this morning, with the unedifying sight of the Showbiz with Zoe and Rav in the News of the World trying to out-fawn each other over some pictures of Geri Halliwell clomping about on a beach.

Rav takes his best shot:


FANS will be glad to see GINGER is tone-perfect for the SPICE GIRLS comeback torso.

Glowing GERI HALLIWELL looked very well as she showed off her terrific figure while soaking up the sun in St Tropez this week.

The yummy mummy also lapped up the male attention as she hopped on a jet-ski. An onlooker told me: "Geri looked stunning. And she knew it."

Comeback torso? We can't tell if that's an attempt at a pun or merely a Freudian slip.

Zoe, meanwhile tries this:
Check out the abs on Geri Halliwell. The Spice Girl looked tinier than ever as she flaunted her fab figure on the beach - and on a jet-ski - in St Tropez yesterday.

But I hope the 36-year-old mum of one doesn't take the weight loss too far. There's a fine line between skinny and skeletal.

Rav probably won that one - surely Mr. Fuller won't be pleased with the echo of the more normal "Geri Halliwell's weight is out of control" coverage she gets when there isn't a multi-million pound tour in the offing.