Tuesday, August 21, 2007

iTunes killer or MyCokeMusic2.0?

If we had a pound for ever iTunes/iPod killer that's launched, we'd have almost as much money as has been wasted trying to launch iTunes/iPod killers. Of all the contenders so far, GBox might stand the greatest chance so far. But it still feels a bit too scrappy to really take on Apple in a like-for-like battle: not least because it's only offering a slice of the catalogue from two majors, and because - for some reason - it's not available for Macs or Linux. Apart from this bit:

For those on another operating system or using a browser not listed above, you can still use gBox to do the following:

* View your friends' wishlists, gifts given, and gifts received wherever they have posted their widget
* Stand out by gifting others the stuff they want from their wishlist widgets

Oh, thank you. I can buy stuff for people who use other browsers. Truly, I am blessed.

In addition, wrapping the whole buying and selling in this strange "gifting social networking widget" set up is hardly a simple way of buying and selling. I don't imagine Steve Jobs is going to be that bothered by the competition.


Anonymous said...

Interesting change of heart from Sony and Universal regarding DRM, but I still haven't forgiven Sony over the whole rootkit thing. And Universal can fuck off on general principles. And no Linux support? That's just lazy. I've just had a look at the site itself, and it's a horrible, horrible mess. Much as I'm not a big fan of Apple, at least they leave UI design to grown-ups. The only way GBox would be able to compete with iTunes is on price, but they don't seem too keen to do that...

Anonymous said...

It's an "iPod killer" that doesn't work on a Mac!

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