Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Len Brown takes on Ice Cube

Len Brown has attempted to boost his chances in the soon-coming electoral battle for the mayorship of Manukau by launching an attack on plans for an Ice Cube gig in Auckland:

"Why is Ice Cube coming to the Telstra Pacific Centre on 22 August this year? We don't want him. We don't need him. He is not welcome here,” said Brown.

"Ice Cube brings a gangsta message to our community via his gangsta rap. This message promotes gangs, gang violence and drugs.”

Brown then stated: "We don't want this in our homes. We don't want it on our streets.”

Even after someone explained to Brown that Cube was actually going to be performing in a music venue, rather than the street or in his house, he wouldn't be becalmed.

Even if Ice Cube's gig is pulled, residents of Manukau will still have A Crazy Kiwi Christmas to look forward to, which features talking turkeys and dancing sheep.