Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Lily attempts to appease America

Lily Allen seems to have suddenly remembered what happened to the Dixie Chicks when they slagged off the Commander-In-Chief. And they didn't have to worry about getting visas, neither.

So, she's, uh attempted to clarify her position on that MySpace page she said she wasn't going to be updating as often because the fun had gone out of it:

hello all

v festival was great, thanks to everybody who came ,

i just want all my fans to know this ,
I have called george bush a c**t at pretty much every show i have played over the past year , that is because I think he is one and i stand by that . You can make up your own mind as to whether you agree with me or not , thats just how i feel . Just because i hate george bush doesnt mean I hate america , quite the opposite , I think the US is a great place and I am really sad that I cant be there for my commitments scheduled for the near future . what i said about George Bush this weekend bears no relation to what happened a couple of weeks ago with my visa , that is an issue with the US immigration service . I just wanted to let you all know that my " foul mouthed tirade " so widely reported over the past couple of days is actually pretty rehearsed and ive beeen saying it long before all this visa issue .

Erm... Lily, you realise the "Us immigration service" problems you had were pretty much down to the line they've been taking fed directly from the White House? And it's a little bit simplistic to say "I am only hating Bush, not America" without suggesting where you see the line between the head of the State and the nation. Yes, it's possible to hold those two positions simultaneously, but without being given any explanation as to what you actually believe in the space between the two extremes, a casual observer might wonder if you merely trumpeted that you hated Bush because it sounded like a cool, anarchic thing to say, rather than because you have any real understanding of American politics.

She then tries to explain why she raised a glass to, erm, an alcoholic:
also me raising a drink to Amy , was just that , showing my support for her . I've been around enough substance abuse and alcoholism to know that it's a serious matter , and not to be taken lightly .

So, thoughtless rather than aggressive, then.
im sorry, i wanted to write this because i felt like if i didn't say anything you all might believe the rubbish your being fed .

But the "rubbish" is, erm, that you called Bush a cunt and raised a drink to a woman suffering from alcoholism. We're slightly tired of the way the semi-famous try to pretend that their bad behaviour has somehow been "misrepresented" or "made-up", relying on the distrust of tabloid standards to bury their own stupidity.


Anonymous said...

This girl's got an attitude problem. Her myspace blahblahs remind me of a bratty kid saying, "Me! Me! Me! Me! Me!" This is gonna be The Unravelling of Ms. Lily Allen - a fledgling popstar with a diva complex. What a waste of potential talent. Grow up, Ms. Allen and smell the roses. The industry and the world doesn't adjust to you. No, no, no, you adapt girl! And learn to STFU, you stupid girl!

Anonymous said...

"im sorry, i wanted to write this because i felt like if i didn't say anything you all might believe the rubbish your (sic) being fed."

WTF! That, by far, is the most pathetic thing that a "celebrity" has ever committed to blog. Get this girl some media training fast! Better yet, a psychiatrist as this behaviour is borderline... borderline stupidity, I mean. Hahahaha! What was she thinking?
I'd just love to say to her face, "Well, no we're not thinking of you. Sorry, love. But we've got other more mundane things in life to worry about."

Anonymous said...

Simes, I really think you're misrepreseneting Lily here. Just because you have a degree, natural intellect and some understanding of politics and the media, not to mention that you know a thing or two about music and its industry, you feel you have a right to be sarcastic and somewhat unflattering in the views you put forward of Ms Allen. Allow me to clarify on the none-sarcastic behalf of a nation. Lily Allen is a cunt. Sorry, didn't know I should back that claim up by specifying in exactly what terms I consider her to be a cunt; surely that statement alone is enough?

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