Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Mel B gets what she wishes for

In her heartfelt plea for us to not see her wife-beating husband as a bad man, Mel suggests we return to the source material:

If you read those police reports, they never say he physically beat up a woman

We can now do just that, as TMZ have got hold of that document, which does list "violence against spouse" on the rap sheet. Perhaps he used the power of thought, then?


Laura Brown said...

Hi -- long-time reader, first-time commenter (though I think my husband drops in occasionally).

You know, if I were in Mel B's place, I think I would find Belafonte's duck-killing more disturbing than his domestic-violence conviction. Now, don't get excited -- I'm not saying that wives are worth less than wildfowl. But in the case of the wife-beating, I can see how her charming new husband could have come up with *some* extenuating circumstances, however flimsy or far-fetched. You know the kind of thing: "Our marriage was falling apart, there was a heated argument, alcohol was involved, fists started flying on both sides, I pled no contest so as not to drag things out in court, I'm not that sort of person really." Belafonte could recast events so that he didn't look like a monster -- or at least, to persuade a gullible new partner that he wasn't one.

But beating a duck to death with a brick? What excuse did he give her for that -- it quacked at him funny? The fact is, the *only* reason for someone to do that is that they're a mean f***er who enjoys causing pain.

Mel B may be an idiot, but even she doesn't deserve to live with someone like that.

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