Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Mel B: You don't know him like I know, he's lovely with me

Mel B has launched a stout defence of her convicted wife-beater husband, saying that he's not violent or anything:

She says: "Everything I stand for is about being a strong, independent woman, so for him to be seen as a wife beater is devastating for me because he's not - he never has been."

Mel, who married Belafonte, 32, in June after a whirlwind romance, claims she knew of his past and says he is a changed man.

So, he's "never been a wife beater" - despite, you know, that conviction for domestic violence - and yet, despite never having been a violent partner, he's changed.
[T]he 32-year-old, mum to Phoenix Chi, eight, and Angel, four months, defended his reputation and told how he has had group therapy and counselling.

Therapy, of course, to cure the violent man that he never was.

Of course, the most famous therapy Belafonte has had was court-mandated. After he was convicted of domestic violence. (According to the Mirror, of course, he got thrown out of the course twice before he completed it.)

It might be that Belafonte is a changed man from the one who killed a duck, whose first wife apparently sought an annulment. Let's hope so.

But you see Mel B desperately trying to argue that the past never happened:
"They're trying to make him out to be this aggressive, violent, woman batterer and he's not. If you read those police reports, they never say he physically beat up a woman."

... and the signs don't look good.