Thursday, August 23, 2007

Mike Skinner's future in ribbons

ContactMusic launches a surprising claim about The Streets and Mike Skinner's plans:

MIKE SKINNER has vowed to write all of his future material on a rusty old typewriter he found in his dressing room at a Belgian festival.


Erm... no:
"We found a typewriter in the dressing room, so I took it and had so much fun all the way home, just typing stuff. I typed a poem entitled, Drowning Doom, which was written while we were in the Eurotunnel in the tour bus, which if you've ever sat in a vehicle in the Eurotunnel you'll understand.

"I'm going to use it to type some songs but then I'm going to return it next time we do Pukkelpop."

So, he's going to write some songs on it, and then give it back. Which is quite a distance from "vowing to write all his future material" on it. Which is just as well, otherwise his future would last only until the ribbon spool ran out.