Thursday, August 23, 2007

Oh, look, Mariah Carey's clothes have fallen off

What's more interesting than the naked picture of Mariah Carey on the cover of the latest Interview (naked if you don't count airbrushing as clothes, of course) is that she seems to have done a complete about-face on the breakdown that never happened. Now, it seems, it happened - but it was a learning experience:

“I consider the breakdown a breakthrough - I needed to hit rock bottom, however it happened.

“I needed to understand the cost of pushing so hard, fighting so hard against the system.

“You just can’t beat the system when they’re against you and are that strong…. But was I out of control at that moment? Yes. I believe that it happened for a reason.”

It's too early in the morning for us to ring round a representative cross-section of community activists, but it's surprising to discover that Mariah fought the system - like a Chuck D in a push-up bra. We could have sworn she just had a falling-out with the bloke who told her to build a career on something other than jiggling her breasts and instead went out jiggle her breasts. Submitting to that seems to be less "fighting the system", more like lubing yourself to help glide the system on its way.

Almost literally.

But perhaps we're being unfair. We await discovery of Carey's part in the Faslane Peace Camp.