Saturday, August 25, 2007

Peaches doesn't like the Rats

Considering she's only sort-of-famous because of her Dad's surname, it's more than a little rich for Peaches Geldof to be slagging off the Boomtown Rats:

“[Bob at Live 8 wasn't] really note perfect.

“It was like if you go to a party and your dad is dancing and singing karaoke.”

She told ITV1’s The Orange Playlist: “His band the BOOMTOWN RATS weren’t that good.”

We've yet to think of anything that Peaches has done that is half as good as Rat Trap. Hell, we can't think of anything that Peaches has ever done which is even as tenth as good as Banana Republic.

Having said that, though, if the Rats had never had hits, we wouldn't be having to listen to Peaches' words of wisdom reported as if they were noteworthy, so maybe they were worse than we thought at the time.