Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Winehouse: Out of rehab. Possibly.

We understand that The Causeway, the "rehab" holiday centre where Amy and Blake had gone to, come out of, picked up a guitar, went back to and has left again is considering getting one of those signs that Lucy had above her stall in Peanuts: "The pop star is " and an "in" and "out" card.

A "source close to the couple" reckons The Causeway is delighted they've gone, reports The Sun:

“It is supposed to be a peaceful backdrop to help people deal with their problems. But Amy and Blake kept rowing and spoiling the ambience.

“While Amy would be welcomed back with open arms, I’m not sure they’d say the same for Blake."

When they say "source close to the couple", don't you get the funny feeling it might be a source closer to one side of than the other?

We're a little bemused as to what sort of place that seriously weans people off heroin and crack would be unable to cope with a little bit of shouting. Maybe it was really Blake's hat that they had a problem with.
“Everyone is really worried that if they are let loose in London again they’ll just go straight back to their old druggy habits.”

Because, of course, half a day in a "rehab" centre would have been enough to break those "old druggy habits".