Friday, September 14, 2007

Blunty's needs

There's a big interview with James Blunt in today's Sun, in which he stresses how much he means it:

I got such a positive response to begin with. But, obviously, when I’d moved on from the early definition of underground, attracting more and more attention, there also seemed to be a negative reaction.

When was James Blunt ever "underground"? "Not having sold mainstream records" isn't the same as being underground, Blunt. It's not like you've ever been Richard Hell.
Sometimes, people can use quite strong words but I’m sure they don’t mean it as a personal affront. More they’re clear in their minds that it’s to do with taste and opinion.

It's a good point - there's no reason to hate James Blunt's personality. It's like hating elves or Atlantis.
I realised that I can’t please everyone, and nor should I. I don’t do music for that reason. I do it because I need to. Honesty and expression. I’m not trying to impress people and it’s nothing to do with image.

"Need" as in "am forced to create by my nature" or - as is more likely - "need" as in "otherwise they don't give me any bread and soup"?
Blunt does speak warmly of Cat Power, who he suggests is a "success" despite not selling as many records as he does. We wonder how many people who like Blunt will be sampling Chan Marshall's work expecting similar daytime ITV stuff.
Picking up the Pacha reference, why have you chosen Ibiza for your home?

It’s just a really special place. It not only has amazing nightlife but, more importantly, it also has incredible countryside and beautiful Spanish rural lands. And, as a songwriter, it’s a great place where I can go and be totally secluded.

You wrote most of the album there?

Yeah, in the winter. With only local Spanish farmers for company. There are a whole load of artists and musicians out there actually.

So, it's wild, secluded and there are only Spanish farmers for company. Except, erm, for all the artists and musicians. It's like all those people who live in the "real" Provence surrounded by English dentists and Welsh advertising executives.


Anonymous said...

We wonder how many people who like Blunt will be sampling Chan Marshall's work expecting similar daytime ITV stuff.

With any luck, loads, who will then ask themselves what the hell they were thinking, and having come to their senses, will then leave James Blunt well behind.

Upon which, his career will crash and burn, consigning his records to the bargain bin and him to the obscurity he so richly deserves.

But, then, maybe I'm just a hopeless idealist.

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