Friday, September 14, 2007

Parkinson: I am the music man

For years, Michael Parkinson has liked to suggest that his TV chatshow - far from being the William Hickey column with moving pictures - is some sort of hotbed of journalism. Now, as he prepares to retire - again - he's also laying claim to being some sort of latterday John Peel, "breaking" risky new acts:

Asked whether he had had to fight to get acts such as Cullum and Krall on his shows, he said: "Oh absolutely. I mean the thought of putting someone unknown now on to television on a show like mine would cause them to have a heart attack and you say to them look what happened to Jamie?

So Michael Parkinson gives new young acts (Razorlight are also mentioned) a break. We love the idea that he had to "fight" to get Razorlight on the show. Really?