Friday, September 28, 2007

" of course, I 'ad to 'it 'im..."

Kid Rock has revealed that he had little choice but to punch Tommy Lee (or was it the other way round?) at the MTV Awards because, of, um... you know, reasons:

Kid told The Sun he did "what any man would have done".

The music star said: "Tommy was always just a pain in the ass.

"There was a lot of years of disrespect but I was a part of his kids' lives.

"So I wasn't going to be disrespectful about him around his kids."

Luckily, though, the kids didn't go to the MTV Awards, so they didn't see him doing the punching. Unless, you know, they have a television. Or an internet connection.
"MTV put the three of us in a room probably hoping something would happen, so they got what they wanted. I came back from the bathroom and the guy was sitting pretty much in my seat.

"That was it.

"I did the same thing any other man would have done."

"Hopefully that's over.

"I hope he understands the level of disrespect that was there, and that's it. If you're going to be a man about it, be a man, so, that's the story."

So, he deserved to be punched because of a high level of disrespect and sitting - not quite - in Kid Rock's seat. I suppose Tommy Lee must be pleased he hadn't made a humming noise behind Rock's back, or they'd be fighting a duel right now.

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