Saturday, September 22, 2007

Th' Faith Healers weekend

Inspired by Marc Riley's airing of Quickspace's second Peel session last week, this weekend we're punctuating affairs with some live footage of the band they emerged from, Th' Faith Healers, a spot of Quickspace and a previously unpublished 1997 Quickspace interview.

But, to get things off to a bemusing start, here's Tom Cullinan of the Healers conducting a lunchtime poll of indie royalty:

a mini-menu of delights will grow here over the weekend
Curly Lips live
Get The Fuck Out Of My Face live
1997 fanzine interview with Quickspace

Th Faith Healers Peel Sessions
Th Faith Healers - Imaginary Friends
Th Faith Healers - Lido
Quickspace - The Death of Quickspace - includes the tracks they re-recorded for the Peel session 6Music rebroadcast last week

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