Saturday, September 22, 2007

Th' Faith Healers weekend: Quickspace interview

This interview was originally done for the second issue of a fanzine I was writing about ten years ago; an issue which never saw the light of day; it took the form of a postal q&a with Quickspace; the questions were answered by Paul

Did you feel happy with your Festive Fifty appearance? Did you vote, and who for?

Yes, we were very happy and quite surprised (Nina jumped about a lot and rang her Mum). Being slack we didn't vote, but if we did:

Sean: West Palm Beach by Palace

Tom: Friend by Quickspace or Two Kinds of Love by John Spencer Blues Explosion

Nominate a Quickspace song to be used as the national anthem

Sean nominated Superplus because (and I quote) it is an anthem. He also liked the idea of 50,000 rugby fans going "La la... la la la etc" before a match.

Worst thing about music in 1997?
Paul: Kula Fucking Shaker
Tom: Divine Comedy, Baby Bird and the rest of the pseudo sophisticated bands

Has the change of name [dropping the 'Supersport'] caused confusion?

Anything big planned for 1997?
Compilation album of early singles/rare stuff - May
New album - June/July (recorded... released??)
Do the festivals and Europe (and UK) - Summer
Doing video for new single - when we record it

Is synaesthesia a blessing or a curse?
Tom: Ask a doctor

Which smell or colour would Quickspace be?
Vaguely fishy

What would you have to achieve to be satisfied?
Tom wants to be a Timelord

What point would you think 'we've sold out'?
Sold out! We hardly sell anything let alone sell out... (sorry: vague attempt at humour)

How much stuff is still available?
Friend - 7" single
Rise - 10" single + CD single
Superplus - CD single + 12"
Quickspace - album
As mentioned, most of the old stuff is going to be re-released on a compilation

Where next?
Tequilla Willies country karaoke bar
Church Street
Stoke Newington
London N16

Tom Cullinan - Guitar/Vocals
Marianana Pascale - Guitar/Vocals
Paul Shilton - Keyboards
Sean Newsham - Bass
Chin - Drums

[Part of Th'Faith Healers Weekend]


Anonymous said...

I have no idea who the fuck Th' Faith Healers are, (were?) but if they counted The Divine Comedy as one of their most Hated bands, their opinion clearly meant nothing...

Ben Coleman said...

Quickspace and Th' Faith Healers will someday be muttered in the same hallowed tones as luminaries like Neu! and Amon Duul. They combined deeply psychedelic and trancey ideas with an inspired dayglo pop bent.
Neil Hannon isn't fit to lick Tom Cullinan's boots.

Anonymous said...

It's only true, Quickspace were the best band of the nineties -- period

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