Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Try it, and I'll tell you

A few years back, there was an advert for a sherry designed to be used as a mixer which - acknowledging the horrific nature of the idea - was built around the belief that if you didn't know what it was when you tried it, you'd really be able to enjoy it. Like with Oedipus, of course.

A similar approach has been adopted by a Chicago radio station, Q101, which has discovered that people really love the new Hanson material - providing they don't know it's Hanson when they hear it.

It's an interesting social experiment, but Tipo Sherry still failed, and Oedipus didn't see the funny side when he realised it was his Mother.


Anonymous said...

Didn't The Alarm try something like this a few years ago?

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

You're right, p_to_p: they released under the name The Poppies and then went "ha! it was us all along" - it only slightly backfired because they ended up selling a couple of thousand instead of a few hundred, rather than getting the number one they were clearly expecting...

Now you come to mention it, weren't they making a film about their Grande Illusion?

Tim C said...

I'm telling you, the Hanson album is GREAT. It'll be in my top 10 for the year. My tastes go toward power pop -- The Feeling is my favorite album of the year so far -- and Hanson compares very favorably.

For whatever it's worth.

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