Monday, October 08, 2007

Bearobit: Dainton Connell

Dainton Connell, for two decades a member of the Pet Shop Boys team, has died in a car accident in Moscow.

Originally part of the band's security before becoming a personal assistant, the man who was known as the Bear is the subject of a eulogy on the official Pet Shop Boys site:

Chris Lowe and Neil Tennant are "devastated" by this tragic news. They had known Dainton for almost 20 years, during which time he had worked for Pet Shop Boys as security and later as personal assistant. He was also a close friend.

"Dainton was a warm, kind, loveable friend, a huge Arsenal fan and a larger-than-life character, famous in North London and beyond. We are devastated by his sudden and tragic death and our thoughts and condolences are with his wife, Mandy, and their family."

Dainton was being driven to a nightclub by Anton Antonov when Antonov lost control. The car hit a tree, crashed through a barrier and plunged into a river; medical reports suggest both men were dead after the impact of hitting the tree.

[Thanks to Karl T for the story]