Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Courtney still hasn't discovered Facebook

Ms Love is still plugging away using MySpace, with each blog posting making that "a space for friends" strapline seem more and more like a hollow gag. Today, she's back to busily not trading off her status as the one that survived in the Cobain-Love marriage by spitting at Dave Grohl:

"As for that drummer, well he's hit on me so many times. He's just a very, very conflicted guy about me, which is why he continually writes songs about me to hear he 'hates' me more than 'anyone else'.

"Kurt loathed him more than anyone else (except a journalist). In his will he made a codicil that Grohl was no longer a member of Nirvana. I just ignored the guy and will continue to.

"Dave knows this, and he takes it out on me! Hey, it wasn't my band and it wasn't my idea! It's funny he 'hates' me since I don't think about him.

"He's just a sub-mediocre kind of (guy) who does this 'nice guy' nonsense. There isn't a word he could he say that would ruffle my feathers, honestly."

Blimey: if that's Courtney being unruffled and not thinking about Dave, we'd hate to see what she did if she wasn't ignoring him and a bit testy.

Still, we'd love to see how a "codicil" on a will could throw someone out of a band that probably couldn't have continued without Cobain anyway would have worked. And if Cobain hated Grohl that much, wouldn't he have sacked him from the band while he was still alive? What sort of person sits, silently fuming at a person they can't stand, and then goes home and writes a will which throws them out of the band after they've pegged it? That'll show 'em, eh?


Anonymous said...

Well none of us know what it was like between grohl and cobain. I mean look at the problems kurt was having anyway. It is quite possible that was included in his will. It might have been a last stab at grohl. Hell, my grandmother wrote her own son out of her will. People are capable of anything.

And lay off Courtney. I think she is a soldier wading through that cesspool we call Hollywood.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Yes, people get written out of wills all the time, Saint, but you can't throw someone out of a band via a will, it doesn't work like that (and, indeed, you'll note that in all matters pertaining to Nirvana, Grohl remains an equal of Courtney).

And poor Courtney "wading through that cesspool we call Hollywood", eh?

Except she could move if she wanted to.

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