Saturday, October 06, 2007

Durst dissed by man he hit

The chap whose car was hit by Fred Durst - and who Durst then apparently drove into - has been talking about his meeting with the man:

Robert Chadwick told that he and a friend were leaving his mother's Hollywood Hills home when he felt their car get a bump from behind. "I turn around and there's a man getting out of a new BMW convertible. ... He was combative and nasty and insulting from the get-go. He was looking for a fight. He's a scary guy," said Chadwick of Durst.

Said Chadwick,"Mr. Durst ends up with a small fine and picking weeds by the road or something. You don't even have to be much of a celebrity to get special justice in L.A."

Yes, it's truly a golden age: after celebrity 'justice' comes c-list justice...

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