Friday, October 26, 2007

EMI try something new

Nobody scoffed louder than us when EMI disappeared into the hands of the German motorway network's catering company, but we'll give them this: the new owners are trying to remake their company to fit the 21st century faster than the old labels are.

Latest move: sticking a load of material onto DjDownload, in hi-quality, DRM-free format. Amongst the tracks now added is everything on their sub-label Positiva, the Chemical Brothers, Massive Attack and Radiohead's back catalogues.

Wonder if EMI really wanted to send a signal that they've changed: withdrawing from the RIAA (at least until it stops seeing computers as, at best, an irritant to the core business) would be a bold, year zero move. But one that probably makes economic sense - what does EMI really get from pouring its subs into the organisation?